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Trinity Way Enrichment center is here to be an important stepping stone for your child's development.

We are founded on values that incorporate love, safety, fun, and patience into a structured classroom setting; to provide your child with not only academic readiness but with strong emotional and social intelligence as well.

Your child will be prepared for the next stepping stone

... And we want to make sure they transition naturally and with ease

Meet The Owners

Guy and Katina Henderson


Guy Henderson

Born and raised in Houston, TX

Serving others is his passion.

With the ownership of many businesses - ranging from food processing to commercial landscaping, his background in management and customer service provides the center with years of experience.


Katina Henderson

Nashville, TN has been home since birth.

Growing up in a home with multiple day care facilities, early childhood education was inevitably passed down. Her passion for children, and longtime experience in social work play a major role in establishing the atmosphere of the center.

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